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Vanishing Authenticity in Today's World

Since I always like to observe people around me, wherever I go and always try to understand people who are different than me, I have noticed a certain trend. A trend where people encourage "not to be authentic". I want to elaborate on this a bit, especially because it affects so so many people in today's world, mostly our younger generations, and by looking at it more closely, we can become aware of it and its negative impact on us in order to prevent it from deteriorating our humanity.


Let's start by talking about what it means to be authentic: to stay true to who you are as a person, staying true to your values and what you believe in, no matter what others expect/demand from you. When you are authentic, you are an honest person because you don't believe in deceit and you take full responsibility for your actions/mistakes/wrong-doings even if it means to embarrass yourself in front of others.


Religious/Political Groups: When a religious/political group (doesn't matter which religion or political group) of people come together, they should come together as brothers and sisters, "being bricks for each other that build a strong wall", so they can get through anything that they encounter together. However, once a person who is new comes to this religious/political group and wants to be a part of it, then all of a sudden it turns into a challenging situation. The new person easily gets judged. Now this does not always happen, but unfortunately it does happen and if it does then this leads to the new person not being accepted for who they are, not being given the benefit of the doubt. If this particular religious/political group that does this were true to the values they are presenting and that they apparently believe in, such as that of doing good for the world, which is the main message of all religions and political parties, then they would never even let it get to the point where someone new feels uncomfortable and unwelcome.

The dynamics between an empath and a narcissist: An empath feels for others, even if it's a narcissist that they are dealing with, while a narcissist, on the other hand, lacks empathy and, therefore, is not able to be considerate enough to admit to their mistakes. Instead they feel privileged, entitled and are convinced they are always right and it's always the other person's fault.

There's no accountability coming from a narcissist. They are able to manipulate others and by doing so, they are not honest, they use lies to manipulate people, something that can't be regarded as authentic on the outside. However, on the inside is their true self that hides behind a façade. Empaths tend to be quite trustworthy people to have in your life, they are very accepting in nature, they accept themselves and others, which makes it easier for them to show understanding towards you as a person, with whichever background/opinion/perspective/lifestyle/ value and belief system you have.

Final Words

There are many more examples I could give. I just wish people would be who they really are, not what others want them to be like. I also wish people would beware of the fact that there are a lot of unauthentic people out there who could even appear as a real friend but then all of a sudden comes to light as being someone who is trying to steal away your authenticity even though you are an authentic person. Sending peace and love to all my readers out there!

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4 comentarios

Sara? Your projects so far is intriguing. I however since may 30th, I've been on "Quora" to talk about topics like "Healing the world. Giving advice and love to the people to bring the good past back when everyone got along very well. A generation when as a lad, you're raised not to be prejudice, and go for your goals. And never let anyone make you what you don't want to be. One of my projects currently is my book of me and my story. Now as I mentioned to you before in the past, I did two inspiring shows called "Grind My Gears", And "Rise and Wise up". As an educated person of life and people. I've learned and…

Me gusta

Strongly agree. As a youn boy growing up in the 80's here in the U.S. I learned by the age of nine that na matter what religion you are, be yourself and love one another and God. As an observer I stay away from negative environments and people. Observing is very challenging and this I remind myself. I have let people be wrong towards me because it's best. to make people feel welcomed, accepted. But as always sensing vibes is safe for the soul. Trust is the most valuable thing of life. My select few lije you Sara I trust a lot. Along with my former co workers on the road recently. Peace and love to you also!🫶🏾🤙🏾☮️

Me gusta

16 jun

This is so insightful. We must be careful and not judge. I try.

Me gusta
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