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Updated: May 17

I have always been passionate about different cultures and promoting more understanding towards cultural differences instead of letting these differences become a focus for ignorance, social gaps and cultural conflicts. In my opinion, the diverse perspectives & different lifestyles exist in this world so we can learn from them but also learn from each other. My own cultural background being half-American & half-German, of course, plays an important role, too. All of these factors combined is what led me to study and get my Master of Arts degree in Cultural Sciences/Anthropology (Minors: Sociology and History) at the University of Bremen in 2011.

Nevertheless, during my studies I mainly gained expertise in conducting empirical research (narrative and expert interviews, participant observations and data analysis) on diverse topics in a multi-sited perspective, such as various ethnic communities, foreigners/foreignness, (im)migration, diversity, interculturality, transculturalism and cultural conflicts, etc.

I have also worked on different research projects :

1. linguistic experiment at the University of Bremen with the General Upper Model in 2009

2. Various small research projects during my studies (examples: immigration museums, Somali communities & their attitude towards after-school programs and many more)

3. MA thesis based on my own research in the UAE that was about foreigners & natives and how they deal with foreignness in 2009 & 2010

4. My participation in the research project concerning Egyptian communities in Germany in 2015

5. Composing a policy brief on water issues in Canada in 2016

6. My dissertation proposal from 2012 - 2016 on Egyptian families and how their lives have been impacted by the Arab Spring events

In my opinion, you can turn anything into a research or/and art project. I hope my page & articles will bring some inspiration as well as enlightenment to my readers, at least to understand that there are different ways of seeing things and that the world is full of exploration & beauty. .ScientistFreelancWri & Cultural Scientist

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