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Let me be your virtual tour guide

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Tourism has always been a very fascinating field to me. I have worked in the tourism industry before, as a Telesales Agent for an airlines in a call center in Germany, a Sales Representative for a cruise ship company in Canada and as a Business Development Associate for an intercultural business company in the UAE. Interestingly, as a teen I have always been fascinated about the idea of being a tour guide. One of the main reasons for my interest in this field is that people who travel to foreign cultures do not necessarily get into or even want direct contact with it but rather gain experiences in that particular foreign culture that either confirm their prejudices or not.

The world is a big place and there is so much cultural enrichment to discover if one is open-minded enough and willing to embrace this kind of foreignness & diversity. My virtual tour guides will provide a sneak peek into a different location each month. This can be a city, an island, a castle or a museum. However, I might also use this space to write about a cultural topic that is interesting to me. I have been collecting a list of ideas already but am more than happy to take any suggestions for travel destinations that should be virtually explored and for cultural topics that should be discussed. With this is mind, I intend to encourage a new, more positive and open-minded perspective on foreign cultures so that prejudices & misconceptions can be diminished.

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