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Ludwigsburg Palace: A Magical Place Where You Can Travel Through Time

Living many years close to Stuttgart, Germany as a kid, I was able to visit this beautiful and impressive palace a couple of times. To this day, it’s one of my fondest memories because you are surrounded by a magical place located next to a fairy tale park and a blooming Baroque garden that takes you back in time. Many people call it: “Versailles of Swabia” for a reason because it looks very similar to the famous Versailles castle from King Louis XIV in Paris, (which I have been to before as well), and it does.

A Unique Palace

The Ludwigsburg palace is one of the largest Baroque palaces located north of Stuttgart that has survived centuries of many turbulent historical events. On the outside, it kept its mixed style of architecture: “from lavish Baroque to playful Rococo and elegant Classicism”, whereas on the inside it is decorated with extravagant interiors. Several tourists and local residents, young and old, love to visit this unique palace that has so much to discover.

The palace itself has a total of 452 rooms, some of them got turned into small museums, such as the Ceramics Museum featuring a huge collection of ceramics, the Kinderreich (Children's Kingdom) that promotes the interactivity between children and the available exhibits that they can touch and experience as well as the Fashion Museum which displays clothing from the 18th century up to the 20th century. Then you also have the private rooms of Duke Carl Eugen with its original and extraordinary "furniture and accessories".


A Peek in the History of Ludwigsburg Palace

In 1704 the main part of the palace was originally considered to just serve as a hunting lodge for Duke Eberhard Ludwig and then in 1718 it became the Duke's place of residence that perfectly embodied "his power and prestige". Before Duke Eberhard Ludwig owned it, it was used as a summer residence by both the Duke Carl Eugen and Friedrich I, the first King of Wuerttemberg. In 1733, the palace became expanded and a fourth wing was added, giving it a squared shape. Soon residencies were starting to be built around the palace and over time, it turned into the city called Ludwigsburg (Ludwig as in the Duke's name and Burg as in castle/palace).

Travelling Through Time

When exploring this palace with all of its different facets, you actually travel through time because you are surrounded by an amazing, authentic, ambience where you can see and feel how life was like in ancient times. It makes you "relive the days when Ludwigsburg was a regal residence and the centre of the duchy of Wuerttemberg". Even the oldest European theatre is in this palace. It's located in the Eastern wing and represents one of the palace's highlights with its original stage machinery. Imagine all the incredible plays that were performed on that stage.

If you are able to visit Germany, I recommend to make a stop at this magnificent palace and enjoy its uniqueness and beauty.

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12 jun 2023

It looks so magnificent, I hope I get to visit one day InshaAllah!

Me gusta
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