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The Beauty of Hospitality

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Whenever you are a guest somewhere, you encounter hospitality. It can be a positive or a negative experience, but usually it is a very beautiful experience. You get to try something new a lot of times, possibly a new dish you haven't tried before or you hear a different language spoken around you if it's a place/restaurant you aren't familiar with. This is all a part of being a guest and it's a time to appreciate the feeling of being welcomed.

Hospitality as A Universal Need

Feeling welcomed is a universal need. Everyone needs to feel welcomed in some way and by being invited to join a meal together, this is the closest way to it. Each culture expresses their hospitality differently. I have experienced all kinds of forms of hospitality, being invited for a dinner that has food I haven't tried before. Most recently, I had the chance to try Syrian food and really enjoyed it. By being surrounded by co-workers and neighbors coming from different countries, it makes this kind of exchange more possible. Having more potlucks at work is a great way to encourage more of a working place that embraces hospitality and, at the same time, diversity.

Hospitality & Tourism

Some countries, such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, Morocco, France and Canada really have a lot to offer for their foreign guests. Their tourism industry drives their economy. The US has touristic areas as well, such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Grand Canyon, but it's open for anyone. Being exposed to different people from different countries on a regular basis really is enriching when you embrace it as something unique.

More Hospitality Would Be Nice

I wish people would be more open to inviting guests to their homes to share a part of their life and culture, and of course, their yummy food. It's a beautiful experience and if you are not the guest then suggest to be their host. It's also a great way to start a friendship if you don't know each other well enough yet.

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